COVID-19 Guidance: March 19, 2020 PA Governor’s Business Closure Order – Updated 3/21/20

COVID-19 Guidance: March 23, 2020 Stay At Home Order – Governor Wolf and SOH

COVID-19 Guidance: Comparison of Municipal Codes – Physical Quorum for Meetings During Time of Emergency Disaster Declaration

COVID-19 Guidance: Construction Industry Business Closures in PA

COVID-19 Guidance: Construction Industry Update – Can I Work?

COVID-19 Guidance: Do’s and Don’ts for Employers to Avoid Discrimination

COVID-19 Guidance: Employee Payment During School Closures

COVID-19 Guidance: Essential vs. Nonessential Businesses

COVID-19 Guidance: Families First Coronavirus Response Act Summary

COVID-19 Guidance: Help Is on the Way for Small Businesses

COVID-19 Guidance: House Bill on Municipalities Holding Remote Meetings

COVID-19 Guidance: How To Legally Conduct Virtual Public Meetings

COVID-19 Guidance: IEE Resources & Relief for Small Businesses Webinar

COVID-19 Guidance: Impact on Contractual Obligations and Force Majeure Clauses

COVID-19 Guidance: PDE Updates Guidance on FAPE Obligations

COVID-19 Guidance: Pennsylvania Court Closures

COVID-19 Guidance: Privacy Considerations for Online Learning

COVID-19 Guidance: Remote Meetings and Physical Quorum Meeting Best Practices

COVID-19 Guidance: School District FAQs

COVID-19 Guidance: School Districts – Meeting Procedure

COVID-19 Guidance: School Districts and PA Governor’s Business Closure Order

COVID-19 Guidance: School Districts – Plan, Prepare, and Respond to the Coronavirus

COVID-19 Guidance: Senate Bill 751

COVID-19 Guidance: Special Considerations for Municipalities

COVID-19 Guidance: Special Education Timelines and Other Considerations for School Closures

COVID-19 Guidance: Stay At Home Order – Schools and Municipalities

COVID-19 Guidance: Unemployment Compensation – What Employers Need to Know

COVID-19 Guidance: Updated EEOC Guidance Summary



Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Website

Pennsylvania Department of Education – Coronavirus Page

Pennsylvania Department of Health – Coronavirus Information for Education

Sample Checklist for Pandemic Influenza

US Department of Education: Key Policy Letters Signed by the Education Secretary or Deputy Secretary

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