Participants in the construction industry face distinct legal issues – from developing projects of exceptional quality in design and construction to effectively managing and controlling costs and risks.

MBM Law Pittsburgh-based construction attorneys craft the solutions you need for timely and effective resolutions, regardless of whether it’s reviewing a contract, resolving a labor dispute, or addressing sales and use tax. And with our preventive law philosophy, we strive to help our clients avert disputes before they even begin.

Our team of experienced construction attorneys in Pittsburgh and Wexford, PA, possess concrete legal knowledge and extensive industry experience, as well as being skilled architects/attorneys. We offer a distinct advantage in providing legal services because we understand the specifics of our client’s business. We can synthesize and analyze the most complex issues to assist you in avoiding legal problems and costly litigation. With our knowledge and sophistication of the latest legal decisions and regulations affecting the construction trade, we provide valuable insight and services to keep clients informed of current legal trends and topics.

The construction process involves the willing collaboration of a multitude of entities in achieving a common goal. Proportionate with the excitement of reaching these goals, however, is the potential for conflict and liability. Our industry experience allows us to bring innovative results for fast and sound resolution of disputes – often before they reach claim status. Through our full range of services, MBM’s Pittsburgh construction lawyers can meet every need within the construction industry. We can draft, negotiate, and review contracts and assist in public bid disputes, project financing, development, and zoning. We are adept in public and private construction projects and have resolved disputes through mediation, negotiation, arbitration, and litigation.



Our construction attorneys have established their reputation in the Pittsburgh and Wexford area by helping construction firms, real estate agents, contractors, and government agencies with a broad scope of legal matters. Every Maiello Brungo & Maiello construction lawyer can help you address:

  • OSHA Laws: We understand the nuances of OSHA laws, and our focus is on helping our clients deal with OSHA violations imposed by the government.
  • Drafting of Contract and Negotiations: Pittsburgh and Wexford Construction Attorneys at MBM Law negotiate and draft contracts – always with our client’s best interest in mind – and follow the legal requirements of state, and federal construction laws. One of the most common and controversial provisions in construction contracts are clauses that alter normal payment obligations. MBM Construction Attorneys have extensive experience with “Pay-If-Paid” and “Pay-When-Paid” issues.
  • Strategies to Secure Payments: A Mechanics’ Lien under Pennsylvania law is a unique legal remedy available to most contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers to secure and collect a debt that arises from services or materials furnished. Learn more about how a Mechanics’ Lien helps you get paid for your hard work and how our construction attorneys can help with the intricate and strict requirements of filing.
  • Tort Laws: If an onsite incident occurs, a construction litigation attorney may be able to help keep injury claims out of the courtroom. We can provide clarity and consultation, which may help to prevent litigation. With our experience in construction law, we can make sense of your specific situation and the potential liability exposure.
  • Legal Representation: Sometimes, the threat of legal retribution can be enough to avoid costly lawsuits. Having a construction attorney representing your firm can save you money in the long term.

Intertwined with the representation of specific construction entities, MBM’s construction attorneys serve the surety industry.

Understanding that sureties are called upon to make determinations of bond coverage – sometimes with little notice – our hands-on construction experience allows for reasoned decisions and prompt advice.

We have handled performance and payment bond claims, surety take-over, contractor financing (when appropriate), and indemnity claims. We have partnered with other construction-consulting law firms throughout the East Coast to achieve swift resolution of claims.

Construction Legal Insights

MBM Law’s construction lawyers provide experienced knowledge to provide solutions tailored to meet your construction case’s challenges. To consult with a construction attorney, please visit our office in Pittsburgh or Wexford, or call us at (412) 242.4400 now.