Construction. Counsels clients in the formation and interpretation of contracts and service agreements. Litigates construction-related disputes in state and federal court. Advises clients on large-scale property acquisitions and associated legal issues.

Business. Represents private clients in the formation of business entities including: Corporations, Partnerships, Limited liability companies, Non-profit corporations, Counsels business organizations on legal issues surrounding corporate restructuring, mergers, and acquisitions.

Labor & Employment Advises public and private sector clients on a wide range of labor and employment issues including: Discrimination claims, Employee benefit claims, The development of legally sound employment policies, Serves as lead negotiator for numerous public-sector entities during collective bargaining negotiations with teachers’ unions, police and firefighter associations, and municipal employee unions.

School & Municipal Law Has represented School Districts as Solicitor for over fifty years and counsels clients on a multitude of matters affecting public school districts. Represents public entities in a variety of roles, including as Solicitor, special labor counsel, and bond counsel.

Litigation approved panel counsel providing defense representation to public entities through various insurance companies.

Practice Areas