Questions on Remote/Hybrid Learning Models

Education Law News
As School Districts make progress in developing plans for re-opening their school buildings and delivering education services to students at the beginning of the new school term in late August,…
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PPP Loan Forgiveness Guidance for Employers

Paycheck Protection Program loans or PPP loans are loans created in response to the COVID-19 virus that incentivize small businesses to keep their workers on the payroll. These loans will…
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COVID-19 Guidance: PA Athletics Update

Guidance issued yesterday by Governor Wolf’s office demonstrates the constantly shifting directives shaping Pennsylvania school district’s re-opening plans.  Earlier this week, our office analyzed the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s preliminary…
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COVID-19 Guidance: PPP Application Focus Facts

The release of the Paychecks Protection Program Loan Forgiveness Application (shown here) has clarified several issues which have generated much dialogue and speculation over the last several weeks. For example:…
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