Steven P. Engel is the head of Maiello Brungo & Maiello’s Litigation Department. Mr. Engel is an experienced construction lawyer and litigator. He has over twenty years of experience representing contractors, subcontractors, design professionals and owners in construction- related matters. Over his career, Mr. Engel has represented clients during the pre-construction phase of projects, providing advice and guidance during the design, regarding bids, and during the negotiation of contracts. He also regularly provided advice to clients during the contraction-phase of projects, helping his clients interpret contractual provisions and identify and mitigate potential exposure and protect their interests when disputes and unexpected circumstances were encountered. When disputes arose and litigation became inevitable, Mr. Engel helped his clients develop strategies aimed at avoiding or mitigating liability and/or that allowed the clients to maximize their recovery on those occasions when they were forced to prosecute claims against third parties.

Mr. Engel also has over 24 years of experience as a trial lawyer and litigator. Over the course of his career, Mr. Engel prosecuted and defended hundreds of lawsuits in numerous venues, including various state courts, federal Courts, the United States Court of Claims, the Federal Board of Claims and before various arbitration panels.

Representative Examples/Litigation Experience

  • Represented an owner in connection with multi-million dollar claims brought in state court against a project architect and the mechanical contractor as a result of design defects and work deficiencies during the course of the construction of a 120-bed skilled nursing facility in Western Pennsylvania.
  • Represented a general contractor and filed a multi-million dollar mechanic’s lien claim in connection with the construction of an apartment building/student housing facility in West Virginia.
  • Represented a veteran-owned general contractor in connection with a million dollar impact claim filed before the United States Civilian Board of Contract Appeals as a result of changes to the scope of work, interferences and differing site conditions during the course of the construction of a water storage tank at a Veterans Administration facility in Western Pennsylvania.
  • Represented a municipal authority and filed a multi-million dollar claim against an engineer in Pennsylvania State Court due to deficiencies in the design of wastewater treatment facility.
  • Represented an EPC Contractor in connection with a multi-million dollar claim brought in federal court against the project engineer as a result of numerous deficiencies in the design of a 120 mega-watt, combined cycle power plant in Anchorage Alaska.