“Working with the attorneys at Maiello Brungo & Maiello is wonderful. They are extremely knowledgeable in all areas of school law, provide thorough legal advice, and fully understand school-based issues. They are part of our family at Keystone Oaks.”

-Bill P. Stropkaj, Ed.D. Superintendent,
Keystone Oaks School District

The MBM education attorneys stay current on leading developments in school law and are aware of both the day-to-day and long-term challenges our school district clients and other educational institutions face.

We provide experienced legal advice on a wide range of school-related topics to school boards, administrators, teachers, and other school employees on a daily basis.

Education Lawyer Legal Services:

Experienced Pennsylvania School Law Attorney

MBM’s education attorneys in Pittsburgh, PA possess a strong commitment to client service, proven experience, and a collaborative spirit, which prepares our clients to address the complex issues troubling educational entities today. Not only do we respond and counsel school boards and administration on day-to-day issues, but we also provide training in order to help our clients to recognize and avoid potential legal issues before they occur.

Our Pennsylvania education lawyers work closely with school district administrators and boards to ensure that the identified goals for their community are met. We are committed to providing sound insights for a constantly evolving educational climate. We are dedicated to keeping you up to date on the most recent changes and trends in school and education law and providing practical advice that assists in the fulfillment of established district goals.

If you are part of a Pennsylvania school district in need of legal assistance, please call MBM Law: (412) 242-4400

School Construction Project Legal Counsel

MBM Law is uniquely qualified to handle school construction projects, whether they are new construction and/or renovation projects.

MBM’s Construction Law Group has in-depth experience in the entire spectrum of a construction projects for schools in Pennsylvania. In fact, a construction attorney on our staff is a Registered Architect and brings an exceptional perspective to this specialized area for MBM Law.

Education Legal Insights

Special Education Lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA

Special education legal issues are often sensitive and urgent in nature, thus requiring a response from education lawyers in Pittsburgh & Wexford who are informed and who are prepared to address complex education legal matters with unparalleled skill.

When decisions matter, you need sound legal advice and MBM’s education lawyers are positioned to provide it. Our special education legal team is focused on creating and providing educational plans that maintain the trust and integrity of your educational institution. Our Pittsburgh-based education attorneys are qualified to conduct reviews of your internal processes for providing special education services in order to identify potential shortcomings before they manifest in a dispute.

Through collaboration, creative thinking, principled and responsive service our education attorneys work closely with school districts, administrative personnel, teachers, and staff to implement preventive strategies that minimize exposure to legal risk and potential liabilities. Special education law is constantly evolving, and our Education attorneys in Pittsburgh are continually working to address your special education legal needs.

Pennsylvania Student Discipline Policies

MBM Law has assisted Pennsylvania School Districts with suspending and expelling students in each district we represent. However, MBM Law does more than simply aid in the enforcement of the School District’s Code of Student Conduct. Our education lawyers have written and revised the policies and guidelines, including Codes of Student Conduct, upon which PA School Districts rely in order to maintain an orderly educational program in a safe and healthy environment.

MBM Law has helped School Districts devise effective policies that are reasonable and enforceable, and that will withstand judicial scrutiny in the event of a challenge by parents or students. If you are seeking legal advice for student discipline policies, please contact the education attorneys at MBM Law.

School Administration & Education Employment Legal Matters in PA

MBM Law’s education attorneys have created hiring procedures that comply with applicable state and federal laws and current court decisions. Our PA education lawyers routinely assist administration with personnel issues from the outset, thereby avoiding unnecessary litigation, processing grievances, and arbitration hearings in connection with disciplinary actions.

The education lawyers of the MBM Team know and understand the relevant provisions of the Pennsylvania School Code of 1949 and the many other statutory requirements addressing personnel matters in the public sector. MBM Law’s education attorneys in Pittsburgh & Wexford have the knowledge and experience to successfully handle all aspects of personnel legal issues affecting schools and educational entities

Pennsylvania Labor & Collective Bargaining for Public Employers

MBM Law has extensive experience in collective bargaining procedures for Pennsylvania educators and school administrations, and MBM’s education attorneys have served as chief negotiators.

In those instances where the Administration and/or Board Members act as the negotiating team, MBM provides the necessary guidance in drafting contract language and assists the negotiating team in avoiding common pitfalls in the negotiating process. Our Education Law Team has experience in handling difficult labor negotiations. We are equipped and prepared to take an aggressive stance to respond to frivolous grievances and complaints often used as a tactic to exert pressure on a School District during bargaining. Just as important as the collective bargaining process, contract administration of a Collective Bargaining Agreement is critical because, if done effectively, it prevents labor challenges before they begin.

MBM education lawyers work closely with the School District in administering the various agreements by having regular contact with the Superintendent and/or Personnel Director and regularly reviewing the nature of any labor issue that the School District may be experiencing. This consistent communication enables the School District to avoid future labor issues and/or to correct the issue during the most immediate round of collective bargaining.

Call MBM Law to discuss your labor and collective bargaining issues. Our experienced education attorneys assist school districts all across Pennsylvania.

Financial Solutions for Pennsylvania School Districts

As solicitor for various School Districts, MBM Law has participated in numerous bond sales to raise new money for building projects as well as refinancing in excess of $250 million over the past few years.

The experienced Pittsburgh education lawyers at MBM Law have a working knowledge of the overall process involved in a bond issue. Our education lawyers routinely negotiate contracts with financial advisors and other consultants involved in the issuance of bonds, as well as reviewing bond documen

Pennsylvania School Board Governance Issues

An understanding of the authority and responsibilities of a Board of Directors in today’s society and educational environment mandates an understanding of a broad scope of statutory and case law, as well as the need for common sense and experience in giving sound legal advice and direction to an education Board.

MBM education lawyers excel in this area, not only because of our knowledge of statutory law requirements and case precedent, but also because of our experience in working with PA School Boards, implementing School Board policies, giving consistent and sound guidance to School Boards, and having a firm grasp of how to respond timely and efficiently to issues. MBM’s education attorneys understand the role of a Solicitor and consciously adhere to that role. Our education legal team takes pride in its ability to establish a rapport with the School Board and the public during a meeting and to handle any problems or questions that may arise.

MBM’s education lawyers have decades of experience in providing legal consultation to clients in educational and school matters including student discipline, special education, governance, employment matters, construction, public finance, and collective bargaining. Contact us now to get legal advice from our highly experienced Pennsylvania education attorneys in Pittsburgh, PA or Wexford, PA.