MBM’s real estate tax assessment lawyers have a comprehensive knowledge and broad-based experience in all aspects of the appeals process and in all property types enabling them to best serve the interest of their clients in effectively managing their real estate tax liability.

We have an impressive track record in Allegheny County and throughout Pennsylvania for major property tax assessment reduction wins for our clients in all sectors of real estate.

As a tax assessment lawyer, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the appeals process to initially determine the merit of a potential property tax appeal case. Our real estate tax assessment attorneys are experienced in all aspects of real estate tax assessment law and most importantly valuation methods that aid our clients in determining whether an appeal is warranted, and the likelihood of success.

When cases go before a court, our tax assessment attorneys in Pittsburgh have successfully obtained major tax assessment reductions and property tax savings for clients for virtually every property type. From major office buildings, shopping centers, apartment buildings, industrial buildings and beyond, we consistently produce optimal outcomes for our clients securing substantial reductions in property taxes.


MBM’s tax assessment lawyers have experience in handling real estate tax assessments, as both solicitors for various School Districts and as special counsel.

Our law firm is involved in both defending property tax assessment appeals filed by taxpayers and filing property tax appeals relating to underassessment on behalf of School Districts.

Our tax assessment lawyers in Pittsburgh have intimate familiarity with appraisal techniques, valuation methods, and experience in appearing before the various administrative bodies and Courts of Common Pleas, which handle such property tax appeals. We represent School Districts in a wide range of appeals such as residential property, vacant land, assisted living facilities, local, regional and super-regional shopping malls, office complexes, apartment complexes, large retail stores, and industrial properties of all types.

MBM’s experienced tax assessment attorneys are proactive with our School District clients in formulating programs to preserve the tax base of the districts in two ways. First, guidelines are typically established with School Districts to determine when a taxpayer-initiated appeal should be opposed. Secondly, guidelines are also established for School Districts for filing under-assessment appeals. As part of these programs, MBM provide its clients with regular reports detailing the total number of hearings and decisions, an analysis of the Pittsburgh property tax impact of those decisions for taxpayer-initiated appeals and , appeals taken by the School Districts, the tax impact, and a cost-benefit analysis.

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MBM’s tax assessment attorneys have years of experience in providing legal consultation to clients throughout PA with school and real estate tax assessment laws. Contact us now to get legal advice from our expert tax assessment attorneys located in Pittsburgh or Wexford.