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Pennsylvania’s State Tax Equalization Board (“STEB”) publishes what is known as a “CLR” or Common Level Ratio for each County in the Commonwealth on an annual basis. In appeals across the state, boards of appeals and courts apply the CLR for the particular county in which an appeal has been filed to its determination of fair market value in order to arrive at assessment. As property market values and county CLRs change from year to year, so does the availability of arguments annually for property tax assessment decreases and property tax assessment increases.

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Allegheny County Property Tax Assessment

In Allegheny County, the CLR has dropped in recent years from its 2012 level of 100% to rates in the sixties, and most recently the fifties (54.5% for 2024). Viewed in isolation, without any consideration given to what is the actual fair market value of a property, a lower CLR by itself creates a more favorable appeal environment for taxpayers seeking to have their properties assessed at lower percentages of value. Whether the appellant is a property owner in Pennsylvania or taxing body, the CLR is a key component, along with value, of any analysis undertaken by taxpayers or taxing bodies to determine the appropriateness of a tax assessment(s) and therefore actual taxes after application of millage rates.

Property Tax Adjustments in Allegheny County

Adjustments to assessed values are not made automatically by counties with CLR changes, but instead an appeal is required. Deadlines differ from county to county, as do procedural and substantive rules; however, in every county in Pennsylvania an appeal is permitted to be filed annually.

Tax Assessment Lawyers in Pennsylvania

As a commercial property owner, if you are considering filing an appeal this year, contact Maiello Brungo & Maiello’s Real Estate Tax attorneys who collectively have over 50 years of experience in appeal valuation, tax assessment law and litigation. Our experience extends to every property type including central business district, office buildings, international retail, shopping centers, apartment complexes, student housing, industrial properties, banks, senior living facilities, global chain hotels and resort properties.

The deadline to submit an appeal in Allegheny County for 2024 is April 1st, 2024. Please contact our team of real estate tax assessment lawyers today!

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