A Board Member's Practical Guide to the Issues Facing School Boards Today

We at MB&M are well aware of the numerous complex and overwhelming issues facing Board Members today. It is easy to be inundated with a flood of information which, although intended to be helpful, raises more questions than provides answers.


The Board Report - Spring 2014
Featured Articles
Workplace Misconduct – Disclosure of Employee Witness Statements
IEP Trumps Truancy Dis-Enrollment

The Board Report - Fall 2013
Featured Articles
Your Password Please - If you Want a Job
Judy Shopp Joins Maiello Brungo & Maiello
Bullying - No "Special Relationship" but Might Deny FAPE

The Board Report - Spring 2013
Featured Articles
School Code Now Strictly Regulates Content of Superintendent Contracts
Assessment Law Update
Retired or Unemployed? – Reduction in Work Force Makes a Difference

The Board Report - Fall 2012
Featured Articles
Act Now to be Ready for New Teacher Rating and Accountability Provisions
Legislature Continues to Tinker with Background Check Requirements
Evidence – When does the Duty to Preserve Arise?
New Safe Schools Regulations Focus on Students with Disabilities

The Board Report - Summer 2012
Featured Articles
Time off for Bad Behavior – Even if Off School Property
Web Only Article
Is your District in the Know About the New Laws?
Veterans and Furloughs - Credit When Credit is Due

The Board Report - Spring 2012
Featured Articles
Auditor General Weighs in on School Board’s Spending on Catered Meals
Web Only Article
Personal E-mail - Open to the Public or not?
The Board Report - Fall 2011
Featured Articles
State-Created Danger – is Your District at Risk?
Recent Legislation/Court Decisions Impact School Districts

The Board Report - Spring 2011
Featured Articles
Is It Time For Your District to Consider A Merger?
IEP Principles Firmly Established

The Board Report - Winter 2011
Featured Articles
Proper Investigation is Key to ADA Compliance
Pension Reform Becomes a Reality

The Board Report - Fall 2010
Featured Articles
Court Limits Executive Session Participation
Facility Naming Rights Trump Zoning Restrictions
Danger for Retired School Employees

The Board Report - Spring 2010
Featured Articles
Department of Health's - Guidelines for Administration of Medications in Schools
PDE Expands Misconduct Reporting Requirements

The Board Report - Winter 2010
Featured Articles
Are you doing what you can to Keep your District off the 11 O’Clock News?
Commonwealth Court Weighs in on New RTKL

The Board Report - Fall 2009
Featured Articles
Emails - The New Smoking Gun
I'm an Act 32 Delegate - Now What?
No Superintendent - No School Board

Our Negotiations are at an Impasse:
Where do we go From There?
Article Fall 2009

School District Mergers to be Hot Topic in Upcoming Year
Article Fall 2009

The Board Report - Summer 2009
Featured Articles
Guidance from the Office of Open Records
No Longer a Conflict of Interest
To Drill or Not to Drill

Right to Know Law Update
Article Summer 2009

The Board Report - Winter 2009
Featured Articles

Sunshine Act Compliance in a Paperless World
The Legacy of Act 1 - No Longer a Question

The "Right to Charge Fees" Under the New Right to Know Law
Article Winter 2009

Public Employers' ADA Obligations Expanded with 2008 Admendments
Article Winter 2009

Combating Plagiarism in a Technological World
Article Winter 2009

Is your District NIMS Compliant?
Article Winter 2009

Immediate Adoption of Anti-Bullying Policies Required
Article Winter 2009

ADA Amendments Act of 2008 Broadens Obligations of Public Employees
Article Winter 2009

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