MBM Education Alerts

Special Education – Residency Dispute
April 2018

Termination Upheld Due to Illegal Drug Use
February 2018

A Compensatory Education award does not create an unfettered entitlement to college tuition
February 2018

Assessment Appeals at Risk

January 2018

The Stage is Set for the Third Circuit to Address Transgender Students’ Use of Sex-Segregated Facilities
December 2017

New Amendment to Tax Collection Law -An Added Layer of Protection Against Fraud for Municipalities and Taxpayers
November 2017

Are AngelSense or other GPS devices legal in schools?  The devil is in the details.
November 2017

Legislative Update
November 2017

Vulgarity, a Snap and no one cheered
October 2017

Patriotism and Protest Under Friday Night Lights
September 2017

Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Permits Direct Communication with Bargaining Unit in Certain Circumstances
September 2017

Litigation Chronology Transgender Students’ Access to Sex-Segregated Facilities (Last Updated 4/10/18)
May 2017

The Stage is Set for the Supreme Court to Address the Validity of Sexual Orientation Discrimination Claims
July 2017

Valley Forge Supreme Court Decision Regarding Uniformity in Tax Assessment Appeals
July 2017

Supreme Court Decision Defining Employee Under Personnel Files Act

July 2017

Changes to OCR Investigations
July 2017

Transgender Litigation Update
March 2017

Truancy Law Update Effective for 2017 – 2018 School Year
February 2017

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