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Our Experienced Employment Attorney Serving Pittsburgh, Wexford & SouthSide, PA

MB&M assists businesses, corporations and public entities in addressing personnel and employment issues. Whether it is negotiating employment contracts or collectively bargained agreements, directing management on proper procedures for investigating claims of discrimination, or addressing wage and benefits issues, the MB&M Labor and Employment Team effectively counsels management so as to enhance labor relations and productivity.

Private Entities

All employers face a variety of challenges that may hinder their overall success as a business. Our Team can assist in achieving compliance with the ever-increasing volume of federal and state laws, as well as matters concerning employee discipline.

For union employers, productively interacting with unions is essential in the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements that afford management the freedom to operate the business but still meet the financial and employment needs of their employees. This positive management/labor relationship enhances the ability of the parties to resolve labor disputes at the earliest opportunity, decreases the potential for disruption of business, and improves the company’s bottom line.

Public Entities

The MB&M Labor & Employment Team is knowledgeable in every facet of the laws affecting public employers and employees. Known as one of the preeminent School Law firms in western Pennsylvania, our representation of public entities has also included counties, municipalities, and municipal authorities. Issues represented include employee discipline and discharge, grievance and arbitration resolution, contract management, furlough, retirement, and disputes over wages and benefits.

Training and Compliance Review

We are often called upon by clients to conduct periodic audits and reviews of personnel policies and procedures, including writing or revising policies contained in employee handbooks, as well training management and employees with regard to their various rights and responsibilities.

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