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Annual Enforcement and Litigation Statistics Released by the EEOC.  What Do They Reveal?
April 2018

Crystalline Silica Rules in Effect
March 2018

Litigation Chronology: Regarding Transgender Students’ Access to Sex-Segregated Facilities
(LAST UPDATED 4/10/18)

Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Permits Direct Communication with Bargaining Unit in Certain Circumstances
September 2017

International Women’s Day
March 2017

Proving Bad Faith against a Government Agency does not Necessarily Entitle the Contractor to the Recovery of Penalty and Attorney Fees
February 2017

EEOC Issues Proposed Enforcement Guidance Regarding Workplace Harassment
February 2017

Injunction of Final Overtime Rule
November 2016

Medical Marijuana in the Workplace
November 2016

Decision of Pennsylvania Supreme Court – Disclosure of Home Addresses under Right-to-Know Law
October 2016

Online Service Providers Need to Warn Users of Potential Dangers
October 2016

Recent updates in Employment Law
October 2016

Does your Business have a Succession Plan?

September 2016

Will the Pennsylvania Supreme Court Eliminate School Districts’ Ability to File Tax Assessment Appeal?
August 2016

Business Start-ups: What you need to know
August 2016

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Settlements: Who pays the taxes?
August 2016

New Federal Trade Secrets Law Enacted
August 2016

PA’s Economic Loss Rule Further Defined
July 2016

Changes to Overtime Rules
July 2016

Can Employers Avoid ERISA by Avoiding Offering Healthcare to Full-Time Employees?
April 2016

Administration of Naloxone in Schools
January 2016

Washington County Reassessment
January 2016

December 31, 2015 Deadline – Act 153/15 Background Certifications
January 2016