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The term ‘Mergers and Acquisitions’ (or M&A) is a broad term used to describe when different assets, companies, financial transactions and other forms of assets are consolidated together under one grouping. Mergers are typically done when businesses have common goals that they believe are more easily achieved when the resources of each entity are combined. Acquisitions typically occur when one company purchases all of the majority of another company’s shares in order to control that company. Assuming that the purchasing company buys greater than half (50%) of the shares of the other business, they will have controlling interest in the company and decisions that affect shareholders. If you are undergoing a merger or acquisition, MBM Law can help you navigate the legal aspects of the deal.

Why is Mergers and Acquisitions law important?

Due to the complexity of the law surrounding mergers and acquisitions and the enormity of the process of merging companies, Mergers and Acquisitions Law and M&A lawyers are invaluable to entities that wish to go through this process. Merging companies or acquiring another business requires vast amounts of planning, drafting of contracts and agreements, active negotiations between shareholders, and decisions involving the sales of various assets. M&A lawyers assist by providing advice, experience, and the skill in navigating and properly completing the plethora of required legal documents. Without an M&A lawyer, it could be easy for one company to take advantage of another, or promise asset transfers and payments for M&A consolidations that are never enforced. In short, mergers and acquisitions law is important because it protects the interests of all of the various shareholders between companies, while simultaneously ensuring that the consolidation follows legal guidelines.

What is a Mergers and Acquisitions lawyer?

The M&A lawyers at MBM Law initially work to identify the goals and objectives of their client’s business in order to determine what they are looking for in an M&A outcome. This involves:

  • Creating timelines for the process
  • Advising on deals and negotiations
  • Consulting with equivalent legal representation for the other company
  • Investigating tax implications
  • Obtaining consent from other shareholders that may hold an interest in one or both of the companies or their assets.

Towards the end of the process, our M&A lawyers help their client negotiate the final agreement, sign, and close the deal (unless the attorney finds reason to help their client negotiate terms more in their favor). MBM’s M&A attorneys always work to protect their clients’ best interests.

How do I choose a Mergers and Acquisitions lawyer?

It can be difficult for someone to determine if an M&A lawyer is the appropriate professional to represent them, their company, and their assets. An inexperienced M&A attorney can misrepresent the shareholder(s) accurate value of their business, along with other negative outcomes. There are several things to consider when choosing an M&A lawyer for your company:

What’s the Size of your Business/Assets?

Some M&A firms deal with mergers and acquisitions that involve multi-million to billion-dollar assets, while others deal with smaller businesses whose assets are worth much less. Consider that these larger firms will expect higher fees due to the sort of work they do, while smaller firms may better represent your assets at a lower cost. MBM has experience representing companies of all sizes in acquiring, selling, licensing, and developing products, systems, and services.

What’s their Experience?

A reputableM&A lawyer will have experience with successful mergers and acquisitions in the past and their firm should carry many years of experience. MBM Law has been providing business legal advice and practicing mergers and acquisitions law since 1972.

What is their Approach to Making a Deal?

Although many people think that aggressive attorneys that fight tooth and nail are the most effective, that is not always the case. Those kinds of lawyers can make negotiations and striking a deal completely ineffective, as they often will drag their feet or refuse to negotiate unless their specific requirements are met, which can cost you more money and drag the process on longer than necessary.

What is their Capacity to Respond and Staffing?

The M&A lawyer and firm should treat your company, assets, and merger/acquisition professionally with diligent and comprehensive work. It is important to find a responsive firm that will keep you informed over the course of the process.

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