The Firm

Our attorneys will work closely with you to resolve your legal concerns. Whether you need legal counsel for business or personal purposes, the firm is prepared to support you. With a comprehensive knowledge of the law in our practice areas and a thorough legal analysis of the latest decisions pertinent to your case, our attorneys proficiently represent your interests in both preventing and resolving disputes. By frequently communicating with you, we gain an understanding of the full breadth of your legal concerns. This partnership enables us to act effectively as your advocate.

Integrity & Performace

We have built our firm on a foundation of integrity and have proven our performance to clients over time. While we focus on several target practice areas, including real estate development, banking and finance, construction law, employment law, corporate and business law, litigation, school and municipal law and estate planning, every aspect of our legal work is based on sound legal analysis, teamwork and achieving results.

Preventive Law

Through proactive counseling, Maiello, Brungo & Maiello assists clients in reducing the potential for future conflicts. As an example, our attorneys closely guide our business and public sector clients in creating procedures, guidelines and operating plans that aid in avoiding legal oversights. We accomplish this goal in part by keeping clients up to date on legislation, court decisions and government regulations that may affect their business operation.

Moreover, the most effective business and corporate legal strategies are those that direct companies and their employees in conducting work-related duties responsibly and in full compliance with the law. Therefore, we assist our clients in the areas of legal compliance for which they are responsible. Despite those efforts, however, disputes must sometimes be resolved by more formal proceedings before a court or administrative agency. In those instances, Maiello, Brungo & Maiello have the experience and the drive to vigorously represent our clients.


Maiello, Brungo & Maiello┬áregard a strong personal relationship with our clients as a crucial part of an effective legal strategy. We deliver results through teamwork – both with our clients and within our firm – because we know that building a rapport with our clients is critical to realizing their business goals and personal legal objectives. Therefore, we devote substantial time to analyzing and understanding every aspect of our clients’ concerns. As one of the most trusted law firms, we strive to form solid working relationships with our clients by promptly returning phone calls and replying immediately and thoroughly to questions and requests for information. Making our clients an integral part of the legal team also adds value to service. Listening to our clients enables us to anticipate problems and work more productively to meet their needs. This rapport also means our clients never receive general legal services because we tailor legal counsel to each client’s specific needs.

Although we focus on targeted practice areas, many clients find their legal needs cross over from one practice area to another. By integrating our services, our group teams work together to address a wide range of legal matters. In that way, we pool the diverse legal knowledge of our attorneys, and trained support staff, to serve each client’s unique legal need. Using this framework, we analyze your legal concerns from various perspectives, recommend strategies, consider your budget, and suggest viable direc- tions toward resolution. Our commitment to service is reflected in our long-standing relationships with many of our clients.


We know that results are what really matter. That is why we place such a strong emphasis on performing for our clients on every matter, every time. The dedication to team building and preventive law has resulted in measurable results for our clients, whether it is handling litigation, starting a new business or drafting legal documents.

How can our team-oriented approach to preventive law provide results for you? Consider Maiello, Brungo & Maiello as your legal partners and advocates.