Municipal Representation

Primary Contacts:

With nearly 30 years of counseling municipalities and municipal authorities, Maiello, Brungo & Maiello offers a broad range of services in the public sector, such as zoning and land use, environmental compliance, construction contracts, claims and litigation, and sewer service administration. As special labor counsel, we advise municipalities in labor relations and contract negotiations with police, fire, and other municipal employees. We understand the intricacies of Act 111 Interest Arbitration, as well as grievance arbitration, discrimination and harassment claims, and unemployment compensation issues. Likewise, we have worked with communities and their non-union employees.

Our knowledge of public financing has helped our public sector clients in obtaining finances for construction and other capital improvements through bond issues.

As public sector attorneys, we perform productively for our clients, while at the same time understand the concerns of the community within which the school district or municipality serves.

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