School & Municipal Law

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Municipalities and school districts confront diverse challenges – serving the public, while effectively managing administrative and governmental functions. Whether it is a matter of student discipline, termination of professional or non-professional employees, a claim of discrimination, a civil rights violation, a zoning matter, contract dispute, or taxation and contractual issue, the members of Maiello, Brungo & Maiello’s School & Municipal Law Team have provided the legal direction needed for public schools and communities to run efficiently. With our preventive law philosophy, we strive to help our clients prevent disputes before they even begin.

The School & Municipal Law Team serves Pennsylvania school districts and municipalities in all facets of legal concerns. We represent school districts, townships, boroughs, and municipal authorities in western Pennsylvania, either as solicitor or special counsel. With an interest in assisting our clients to avoid legal problems and costly litigation, we offer training to our school district clients to keep them up-to-date on the latest legal decisions affecting school district management. For our municipal clients, we provide counsel on issues ranging from labor concerns to sewer service management and construction projects. We also provide counsel to Catholic dioceses and their affiliated private schools.
same time understand the concerns of the community within which the school district or municipality serves

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