Estate Planning

Regardless of your age or the size of your estate, preparing your estate plan now assures that you, not state laws, determine how your assets will be distributed. Get the peace of mind you need and deserve with Maiello, Brungo & Maiello’s Estate Planning Law Team. You’ve worked hard for what you’ve earned and are entitled to know that your assets will be distributed per your directives. Our Estate Planning Law Team is comprised of trusted attorneys who will assist you in the development and implementation of your estate planning strategy. We are experienced in the drafting of last will & testaments, living trusts, life insurance trusts, charitable trusts, and family-limited partnerships. We can also provide advice on lifetime-giving strategies, such as gifting and other similar arrangements. Our Estate Planning attorneys will review options that will allow you to control the distribution of your assets to your children, grandchildren, or other minor beneficiaries and assist you in ensuring that these assets are disbursed in an effective manner through a trust or other strategically planned provision. With proper estate planning, you can minimize (and in some instances, eliminate) the impact of federal estate tax, as well as state inheritance taxes.

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