Construction Law

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Participants in the construction industry face distinct issues – from developing projects of exceptional quality of design and construction to effectively managing and controlling costs and risks. Whether it is reviewing a contract or the scope of professional service agreements, resolving a labor or bid dispute, dealing with changes and related costs, or addressing sales and use tax, the members of Maiello, Brungo & Maiello’s┬áConstruction┬áteam can craft the solutions you need for timely and effective resolution. And with our preventive law philosophy, we strive to help our clients prevent disputes before they even begin.

Maiello, Brungo & Maiello’s team of Construction attorneys have a solid foundation with extensive industry experience and skilled architects/ attorneys. The MBM team of experienced Pittsburgh construction attorneys offer a distinctive advantage in providing legal services because we understand the specifics of our clients’ business. We can synthesize and analyze the most complex issues to assist you in avoiding legal problems and costly litigation. With our knowledge and sophistication on the latest legal decisions and regulations affecting the construction trade, we also provide valuable insight and services to keep clients informed of current legal trends and topics.

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