Fortunately, for most of us, we go through our lives without ever having been injured by someone or something else at a level that requires us to need legal representation. Others, however, are not as lucky. People hire a Pittsburgh injury lawyer for many reasons, but always with the goal of getting due compensation.

Maiello, Brungo & Maiello vigorously represents our clients in personal injury litigation. We believe in the rights that our clients have to be justly compensated for an injury that wasn’t their fault and when the person or persons responsible for the injury can be identified. How can a Pittsburgh injury lawyer help you if you’ve been injured? Here are two of our numerous personal injury practice areas.

Vehicle accidents
The roads here in Pittsburgh are busy, and unfortunately not every driver pays attention to what he or she is doing. If one of these drivers causes a wreck and you’re injured, DO NOT allow that person to drive away without your (or a fellow passenger or bystander) getting information such as driver’s license number, insurance policy number and vehicle license plate number.

And don’t negotiate any kind of a settlement with the responsible party at the scene, because you may not know the extent of your injuries at that time. Call the police, and have them make out a report. (If it was a huge accident, police will be on the scene, anyway.)

Then contact a Pittsburgh injury lawyer and find out what your options are. Every injured driver deserves to be compensated for all medical expenses, income lost from time off work and possibly emotional duress.

Unsafe products
It’s impossible to determine how many people are injured every day by products that break or malfunction and yet do nothing about it. When you’re harmed by a manufacturer’s product because of it not working the way it was intended to, call a Pittsburgh injury lawyer.

And keep the product – don’t throw it away. Your attorney will need to see it so he or she can understand exactly what went wrong. Like in vehicle accidents, you should expect to be duly compensated for medical expenses and income lost from your job.

Attorneys at Maiello, Brungo & Maiello also represent clients in cases such as uninsured motorist claims, catastrophic injuries, wrongful death claims, construction accidents, trip-slip-and-fall accidents, dangerous property conditions and more. Call a qualified Pittsburgh injury lawyer at once if you’ve been hurt through no fault of your own. Call (412) 242-4400, or contact us through our website.

Alfred C. Maiello
Alfred Maiello

Alfred C. Maiello is the founding member of MBM and has represented area school districts as solicitor for 50 years. He counsels school districts and educational institutions on leading developments in school law and guiding them through their day-to-day and long-term challenges.