Newsletters 2008

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Education Fall 2008
Featured Articles
Homeschooling Law Challenge Rejected by Third Circuit
FERPA Trumps HIPAA in Immunization Disclosure
Supreme Court Refuses to Review Case Which Approves Coordination
Pennsylvania Application for NCLBA Pilot Program Rejected

Construction Summer 2008
Featured Article
DGS Tries New Method of Contracting – “JOC” Job Order Contracting

Education Summer 2008
Featured Articles
What’s in a Name? Sometimes it can be the Difference for Needed District Capital Improvements
The Balance Between Medication Administration Needs and District Staffing Concerns
Changes to FERPA Regulations Proposed by U.S. Department of Education
Federal Court Approves Use of Anti-Plagiarism Website
Pilot Program Announced for No Child Left Behind Act

Construction/Real Estate Spring 2008
Featured Article
Facility Owner not Responsible for Improperly Marked Underground Utilities

Education March 2008
Featured Article
Pennsylvania Supreme Court Narrows Standard of Review for Arbitration Awards
School Closings – The Last Resort in the Budgetary Process
Court Finds That District Abridged Student Free Speech Rights
Sixth Circuit Allows Suit Challenging No Child Left Behind Act to Proceed
All you Need to Know About the New ‘Right to Know’ Law

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