2011 Newsletters

Business Fall 2011
Featured Articles
Social Media’s Impact on Business
Social Media – An Overview of Legal Issues Businesses Face
Admissibility of Social Network Site Communications as Evidence
Punitive Damages are Available in an Action for Failure to Rehire a Veteran Returning to a Civilian Job from Military Duty

Education Fall 2011
Featured Articles
Cyber-Learning’s Impact on the Workforce
ESI Spoliation Sanctions – Steps to Protect Your District
Web Only Article
Teachers and Students Online and Out of Control – Free Speech in the Internet Age
Focus on Special Education
When Dogs go to School – Service Animals in the Classroom
The Board Report

Education Spring 2011
Featured Articles
Budget Cuts Prompt Teacher Furloughs
Commonwealth Court Reins in OOR
New ADA Regulations Impact School Districts
The Board Report

Real Estate & Construction Spring 2011
Featured Articles
It Ain’t Easy Being Green
Article Fee & IG
Be Prepared for the 2012 Reassessment
New ADA Regulations Take Effect
David Raves to Speak at SBA Annual Meeting

Education Winter 2011
Featured Articles
Spotlight Shines on School Bullying Concerns
FAPE According to the Third Circuit
Maximize College Letters of Recommendation with FERPA Waivers
No Liability for Peer-On-Peer Sexual Harassment
Late Year Changes to School Code Have Immediate Impact on Districts
No “Child Find” Obligations in the Absence of Academic Struggles