At Maiello, Brungo & Maiello, we pride ourselves on providing one of the highest levels of client-centered service among all Pittsburgh law firms.

That’s why when people are looking for a Pittsburgh lawyer and they contact us, they’re often surprised that a team of busy attorneys is able to care not just about their cases, but also about them as people.

Whether we’re representing you in business or in personal matters, you’ll work with a Pittsburgh lawyer who possesses comprehensive knowledge of his or her practice areas. Our experienced attorneys have just one target objective in working with any client: to resolve that client’s case in a manner that benefits the client.

In every client relationship, here are three of our core values.

We place the highest value on trust in the attorney-client relationship. It’s important that we earn that trust by demonstrating in-depth understanding of the latest legal precedents that could affect your case as well as a proven ability to win cases such as yours. Pittsburgh law firms without this experience have trouble earning their clients’ trust.

Another of our core values is integrity. When you work with a Pittsburgh lawyer from among our team, you’ll be working with an individual who follows through on what he or she says. It means sometimes taking the difficult road instead of the easy one when only the difficult road will produce the results our clients seek.

Legal matters aren’t always easy to understand, particularly for people who aren’t familiar with the field. This is why your attorney will be in regular contact with you, explaining the course your case is taking and letting you know about developments that could affect it.

If you’re researching Pittsburgh law firms, seeking one to represent you, we’d be happy to tell you why we believe we’re the right firm and show you, through a free initial consultation, how we can bring you the results you expect. Solid core values aligned with determination and wide experience make all the difference.

Call (412) 242-4400 to speak with an attorney, or you can contact us through our website.

Alfred Maiello

Alfred C. Maiello is the founding member of MBM and has represented area school districts as solicitor for 50 years. He counsels school districts and educational institutions on leading developments in school law and guiding them through their day-to-day and long-term challenges.