DeadlineAction Required
9/15/09School Districts/Municipalities appoint delegates to the TCC.  All School Districts/Municipalities will be notified of the first TCD meeting.
11/15/09First meeting of all TCDs.  At this meeting, TCD officers will be elected.
12/31/09DCED study on current EIT collection methods must be provided to TCDs.
4/15/10Each TCC must have by-laws in place.
6/1/10Each TCC must establish an appeals board of at least three delegates by this date.
7/1/10DCED must calculate the weighted vote of each delegate based upon the proportional amount of EIT revenue and population for each School District/ Municipality, and must recalculate it each July 1 thereafter.
9/15/10Each TCC must appoint the tax officer for its TCD and notify DCED.  The tax officer will become the EIT collector of record for the TCD for the fiscal year beginning 1/1/12.
11/1/10School Districts/Municipalities must decide if their current tax collector will collect the EIT or whether the new TCD tax officer will collect it in 2011.  This option applies only to 2011 EIT.
1/1/12EIT collection by TCD tax officer begins for all School Districts/Municipalities.