The revised NORA directs Districts to give clarification to the services provided for a gifted student and why the recommendations are the most appropriate.  There are three (3) sections on the new form that require more detail.  They are:

  1. Educational placement for a gifted student falls into one of three categories: enrichment, acceleration, or a combination of the two.  Districts will identify the type(s) of service and the content area/grade level that the support will supplement;
  2. When making a recommendation, the District needs to provide a rationale explaining why that support was recommended and the data used by the District to support it; and
  3. The District must provide a rationale explaining why the team rejected the other option and the data used by the District to reject it.
Alfred C. Maiello
Alfred Maiello

Alfred C. Maiello is the founding member of MBM and has represented area school districts as solicitor for 50 years. He counsels school districts and educational institutions on leading developments in school law and guiding them through their day-to-day and long-term challenges.